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Flexibility that Your business needs

We make is easier for businesses to react to ever-changing demands regarding staffing, along with getting the perfect team member for your task at a significantly lower price than normal agency workers.

Whilst helping our members to take control of their own lives. Trusted People make it easier to work self-employed, working to your own routine. Giving our members the ability to work around education, a second job, or build up a reputation and portfolio.

How It Works


You search our database of people, selecting filters until you find the right person for your job


You can then book one of our workers instantly using our secure payment system, Where the payment is held until the job is completed, along with sending across all the relivant information for your job. 


Our team member turns up and completes the job,


You and the worker review your experiences and payment is made to our team member,

Our Benefits

Filter Members by Availability

Allowing you to search our worker’s database for availability from tomorrow to months in advance,

Protected Payments


We hold your money until after the job has been completed

Previous Employer Feedback

See feedback scores from previous employers,  so there’s no need to worry about the quality of work

Filter by Individual or Team

Enables you to fill any sized gaps in your project/workplace

Filter by Trades, Skills & Qualifications

Find someone who exactly matches what you require

Know Prices Instantly


No need to waste time getting quotes prices are fixed and displayed on our site

Instant Booking


No faffing about,  instantly book through our platform

Consultations and Advice


Meaning that workers can come and offer advice on a project without clients needing to pay for a full day rate,

Trial Someone Before Hiring Them Permanently

If your want to hire permanently,  why not trial them first?

Over 380 Different Roles And Growing

We have over 380 different roles to search from,

Save Money Compared to Agency Workers

We simply connect workers and employers, without extortionate fees

Checked & Vetted Profiles


Many of our profiles have advanced levels of verification

Added Levels Of Security 

Our Latest Members


Our Industries

Joint The Employment Revolution

Higher pay

You earn more because we make it easier to work for businesses and people direct

No membership fees

We don’t charge a monthly subscription, we receive a small commission on the jobs you work

Complete flexibility

You get to pick the days and hours you are free to work, work around your hobbies, your family, your life

Ability to set own pay rate

You know how much your time is worth, you can set your own wages, either per day or per hour

Receive tips from clients

We believe that if you go above and beyond, you should be rewarded, and we make it easier for employers to show their gratitude

No paid to be promoted accounts

We believe that your working quality is what should make you stand out, not paying your way to the top

See feedback from other workers on clients

Know what the work place is like, before you even start

Set working distance

Get jobs from your local community to the whole country, you choose

Liked accounts

Show who you like to work with, make work more fun

Charge an additional amount to use your own equipment

If you provide your own equipment, you should be paid for it

Work in multiple different industries at once

Utilise all of your skills, work across multiple different industries, maximise your earning potential

Have your rota planned for you

Sit back, and let the jobs come to you, you don’t need to apply to every job in the hopes you might get it

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Honestly, just brilliant, a platform that does everything, we’ve found some amazing people that we’ve loved having in our construction teams

Terry, Project Manager - Construction

Just so easy to find the right people and knowing when they are free,  no faffing about getting people through the hiring process, getting them within the time frame we need. 5 stars from me.

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